What is Psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy, commonly referred to as “talk therapy”, is one of the most effective tools available for working with problems related to mental health. Many people seek counseling when life challenges have become overwhelming. These challenges typically include difficult life events, mental health issues, life transitions or decisions, or self-discovery.

What should I expect?

During counseling, clients will learn to assess and change dysfunctional behaviors as well as acquire new and more effective behaviors that promote coping, impulse control, sound relationships, and good emotional and physical health.

Across most mental disorders, the positive effect of psychotherapy is achieved in the first 10 to 20 sessions. Studies also indicate that positive effects of psychotherapy last long after treatment has ended.

Generally, psychotherapy begins with an initial assessment of the presenting concerns.

During the initial assessment the client and therapist will work together to prioritize presenting concerns, construct goals, and establish workable objectives. This treatment plan is a collaborative effort and uniquely designed to meet the clients needs.

The initial assessment is followed by series 45-50 minute sessions typically held once a week.

Services we offer:

  • Individual/Christian Counseling
  • Individual, Marriage, and Family Counseling
  • Anger Management Counseling
  • Crisis Intervention Counseling
  • Psychoeducational Workshops & Seminars
  • Telehealth/Phone session
  • Group counseling - Grief, Substance Abuse, and Psychoeducational groups

Private pay fees

Standard Individual Counseling

$110 (50 minutes)

Marriage & Couples Counseling

$110 (50 minutes)

Family Counseling

$110 (50 minutes)

Payment Options

Accepting cash, personal checks, and credit cards. Payment is expected upon receipt of services.

Accepted Insurance - TBD

Cancellation Policy

You must call to cancel a session no less than 24 hours in advance. The failure to cancel in advance results in a $65 fee. Interlinked Counseling may consider to wave the fees for certain circumstances.

There are many ways to set an appointment by either email, calling or scheduling an appointment in the office.